Chris 🐵

Work work

Founder at Purple

PM at Imgur

PM at Microsoft

Fun work

Kitten Cannon VR

Pointless Puppets VR ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

UX Check

Girls Who Code - volunteer instructor

Talk work

The UX of VR conference - The VR Design Process (resources) - 10/3/17

EnterVR Podcast - Who belongs in the metaverse? - March 2017

AR / VR Design SF meetup group - Founded January 2017, ~every other month meetups

Tradecraft - Finding your voice as a designer - 1/13/17

Product School - Shaping teams to build great products - 3/9/16

National Federation of the Blind - Train the Trainers conference - Accessibility in Office Online - 10/16/16

W3C Web Annotations Workshop - Accessibility of Annotations - 4/2/14

Art work

Yoda - Oculus Medium

Hearts of Kyber - Tiltbrush

The Sponge Awakens - Tiltbrush

Let's work



chrisgallello at jeemail dawt calm